Hanin Enterprise


Founded in 1972, our operations in both Hong Kong and China has always had the same goal in mind; to provide clients with a quality product along with personalized service. We have expanded our purview to moderate and premium retailers based in the U.S. as well as Europe.

In an age where interaction with technology is constantly increasing, We see the importance of adapting our business model to integrate state-of-the-art software. 

Factories & Capabilities

Our wealth of experience allows us to collaborate with a wide variety of clientele requiring highly technical services. Hanin has 3 factories currently operating in different parts of China.

Product Development

At Hanin, we pride ourselves on building meaningful and prolonged partnerships with each of our customers. Through the development of exclusive teams catered to the specific needs of our clients, precise attention to details gives us the edge on brand identity. 


With our " test-to-market "option available, clients will be able to make an initial smaller order to "test" the current market. The risk of introducing a new concept is minimized, and clients are able to obtain a clearer forecast for the performance of sales.

3D Integration

Through the use of a 3D simulation software, we enhance our clients' experience throughout the manufacturing cycle. Our goal is to reduce our workflow time by moving from 2D sketches to 3D design from design, development to production. Instant customization of the fabric, trims, stitching, and construction allows for a streamlined approach as opposed to traditional methods of tedious sampling.


By allowing for a larger range of possible designs to choose from, our clients can focus on what's important; creating a beautiful design. 

3D Program Execution Roadmap

3droadmap (1).png

Level 2

Exclusive 3D Garment

Level 1 

Free Trial

Level 3 

Virtual Fitting

Level 4

PLM Ready Spec

          Level 5

   3D Interaction from     Design to Development


Complete Survey

Selected Style, Fabrics & Trim

Provide Body Measurements

Online Customization

Use V-stitcher/ Lotto


-Actual Sample for Fashion Sample Only

-Actual Sample for SMS Final Fit

-Provide Actual Fitting Sample

As a Reference

-Exclusive Block

Based on Customer Measurement

-Sample Block

-Stock Fabric

-Trim & Accessories

OP pants_Color 3.gif